Enhance your home’s exterior

Working with a professional mason can help your home to look and perform better.

Brick wall repair

Eliminate leaks in brickwork

Whether you are thinking about building a brick wall to protect your home or looking to repair your brick structure, a professional expert can help ensure the job is done right. With repeated exposure to the weather, your brickwork and mortar can begin to erode.

When the erosion sets in, you can experience leaks. The proper way to repair the mason work is by removing the bricks and replacing the mortar in between them. This helps seal up any holes and avoid water from getting in.

Keep your brickwork safe

 If you have a brick sidewalk, driveway, or steps, it is important to care for them. When the bricks start breaking apart and become loose this can be a hazard when walking. Maintain your brick walkways with the help of experienced masons at A & C Masons.

  • Brick wall repair
  • Brick patios, walks, and steps
  • Brick driveways
  • Brick flatwork
  • Brick siding install



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